Crimson Laurel Gallery -studio ceramics and studio jewelry
Jen Maestre’s beautiful sculpture
Michael Kline Pottery
Secret Life of Jewelry, a great jewelry blog

Daily Art Muse, a gathering of visual delights

Susan Neal Weaving

Lindsay Rogers Pottery

6 Responses to “Links”

  1. I live in Iowa and have been able to find your work at Callaway Gallery in Rochester Minnesota. However, that gallery is now closed and I’m wondering if you’ve made any connections with another midwest gallery? I’m not a great one for purchasing anything without being able to see it first hand. PLEASE look into a new outlet in the midwest! Sticks gallery in DesMoines Iowa would be a great match to your style. I enjoy your work and would love to be able to find it close to home.

    • Thanks, Diane. I will check into Sticks. I will also be doing some shows in the midwest this year. I will be at the St. Louis Art Fair in St. Louis and the Greenwich Village Art Fair at the Rockford Art Museum in Illinois, both in September. I’m on the wait list for the ACE show in Evanston, IL. I also show at Agora Arts Gallery in Decorah, IA, The Purple Pelican in Spooner, WI, and Seasons on St. Croix in Hudson, WI. I hope this helps. – Deb

  2. Hi Deb. I live in Las Vegas and have been trying to find someone who teaches how to use the Prisma colored pencils to color metal. Do you teach that and if so where can I find you for a class like that?

    • Hi Colleen,
      I hope to teach a class in my studio in May. Right now the only other classes that I have scheduled for the Drawing On Metal are in Australia in March and I believe they are all full except, possibly, the on FIO studio in Brisbane. Keep an eye on the blog and I will post any classes that I schedule.

  3. Hi Deb
    Love your work. Is there information on your techniques as I am in uk and am unlikely to get to one of your classes. Thanks

    • Hi Sam, Currently there is no info available on my techniques but maybe on day I will make it to the UK to teach a class. I’m heading to Australia in March to teach 3 workshops there.

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