red earrings 72dpi

Lots of texture in fresh green and white for spring.

pink triangle earrings 72

pink dots-b+w on cable 72

stitched brooch 72

x earrings olive green 72

72dpi wheelie bird

b_offering 72dpi

c_bud bite on wire 72dpi

f_flower 2 72dpi

d_flower1-on-wire 72dpi

g_purple butterfly 300dpi

h_blue butterfly on wire 72dpi

i_pink butterfly 72dpi

h_green butterfly 72dpi

k_white leaf 72dpi

m_purple flower 72dpi

n_fruit 72dpi

o_3 leaf necklace 72dpi

r_red wing earrings 72dpi

s_org-pink earring 72dpi

Carn.gard.w-base 72dpi

mod circles earring red-org 72

28 Responses to “Jewelry”

  1. Beautiful new work! Great photos! Who is your photographer?

    • thanks, Tuke. My photographer is pretty fabulous. His name is Larry Sanders and he is in Milwaukee, WI. He specializes in photographing art work, particularly jury slides.

  2. LOVE it. Do you have any sales points in Belgium?

  3. Love your work.Greetings from Argentina

  4. I do so love your work and the progression of your work that I’ve seen over the last few years. It’s beautifully detailed and balanced and the layering draws me in deeper. Your work inspires me…

    Nice site, too. Love the header.

    • I have Marissa Falcigno to thank for my graphics (the header). She was great to work with.

    • I have tried your email and it keeps failing…I have your number and will call next week, just need to know the price and whether you accept cards….I am loving your work…thanks Christine

  5. I love your work, I have been doing beading for many years and know I working with metals.I saw your work and immediately I felt inspired with your colors and botanical work. I would love to meet you.

  6. I so want the brooch with the purple tulip!!!! Where or how do I purchase one? Christine

  7. Nice jewelry 😉

  8. I am now the proud owner of your beautiful piece you call the stripe leaf flower…I LOVE it!!!! Your work is just beautiful and I’ve been a big fan since I discovered it about a year ago. I’m now on my 3rd piece and feel so good wearing them. I get so many compliments…thanks for creating such beautiful artwork.

  9. Thanks, Mary Ann, I’m so glad that you like my work. I’m busy working on a whole new batch right now so stay tuned….

  10. Your work is very orginal and I love the colors.

  11. I was in Flow in Marshall yesterday and was blown away by your work. I have been looking for a ring and nothing has been exactly right until I saw your stuff. Went over to your studio, but you weren’t in. would like to contact you about it. I will figure out how to contact you.
    Jane “Scooter” Yerow, Lafayette Louisiana.

    • Thanks, Jane. I will be in Marshall for a few days at the beginning of the week and could possibly meet you at Flow.

      • on the road, was just there for a day or 2. let’s talk. doing any shows this summer?

  12. Jane, Sorry for this late reply. I am going to be in Evanston, IL, St. Louis, MO, and Rockford, IL this summer.

  13. Hi Deb, I am an avid fan and have several of your pieces. I am curious as to where you purchase your cabled necklaces/ steel wrapped cable necklaces. I would like to purchase a couple that are different lengths, and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else except when I have purchased your pieces.

    Thank you,
    Tanya Langrell

  14. i like the silver cuff bracelet.. good work

  15. I love your work , had a lady where a piece of your jewellery in my boutique the other day . it caught my eye I’m in Victoria Australia , she had done one of you work shops .

    • Julie, thanks for taking time to tell me. I had some really fun students when I was in Australia. I can’t wait to come back. What sort of boutique do you have?- Deb

  16. Beautiful work! 🙂 The colours are gorgeous

  17. Beautiful pieces, very nice jewelry!

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