Drawing on Metal class!

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I will be teaching Drawing on Metal – July 14 through 18, 2014.

white daisy necklace

Class will cover my technique for applying color to copper and some fabrication based on time available.

Class size is limited to 8 students to allow for plenty of individual attention.   $975 covers class, lodging (shared room) and meals from the evening of July 13 through breakfast on July 19.   Class will run from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with open studio in the evening. Wild Acres is a beautiful retreat located in the mountains of North Carolina.  We will be in the company of many other artists in various media so there will be lot’s of creative energy.  You can check out the venue at their website www.WildAcres.org.  If you are interested in registering for class you can do so by e-mailing me at dkjewelry@msn.com.

Come hang out in the mountains with me, make some colorful jewelry, drink some wine, go on a hike, make new friends….a good time will be had by all!wildcares_amphthtHP


Big change in my little world

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fall workshop

fall workshop

You may have noticed that I have not posted in a long time.  Shortly after my last post I had a bit of health crisis and ended up in the hospital for 16 days.  I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, stage one.  It is very treatable and I am going to be just fine but it means going through chemotherapy for the next 4 months or so.  That part is a bit rough, though so far, only a few bad days and mostly I feel fine.   Deb Karash Jewelry is still in business!  I am still planning to be at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore in February but if I see you there, I won’t be able to hug you.  Avoiding germs is a full time job these days because the chemo compromises your immune system.

Many of you were hoping for a spring break workshop this year but I just don’t know how I will be feeling by then so I’m afraid to schedule anything.  If you are wanting to do the Drawing on Metal Workshop in my North Carolina studio this year, please send me an email at dkjewelry@msn.com and let me know 3 weeks that would work for you.  That way I can schedule something that works for the most people.    I will probably do a couple of them this summer so stay tuned to this blog for the dates.  I’m really missing my students and I’m looking forward to teaching after the chemo is finished.

I hope that you are staying warm and working hard in your studios.  I love to see pics of what you all are doing.

Like going home

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IMGP0739This Saturday, November 23, I will be back in Marshall, NC to take part in the Marshall Handmade Market. We started this show when I still had my studio at Marshall High Studios and it still has that homey feeling that comes from a group of friends getting together to throw a party, but at this party you get to take home some great art and craft. Marshall has a special kind of charm that I have always struggled to put into words but it will always feel a bit like home to me. Maybe that’s because it was the first place I landed when I moved to North Carolina. It’s where I made friends and established my place in the WNC arts community. It’s where my relationship grew and my work flourished. Many of you have heard me go all gooey about Marshall before but that’s okay because it’s sincere. It’s a special place and I can’t wait to see my friends in Marshall this Saturday.  David will be joining me in my booth with his very popular mica earrings,  Come on out and spend the day in this charming place enjoying some great art. Have a bite to eat, stroll along the French Broad River, and take home something special for the holidays. You can read all about it in the Mountain Express at http://www.mountainx.com/article/54316/Class-project

Learning Mold Making at Penland

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I spent this week at Penland taking a mold making class from Mi-Sook Hur.  It was such a great group of women who were all excited to be doing something new.  I had never really done any mold making before and Mi-Sook presented a lot of information and patiently guided us through numerous mold making processes.  These are just some of the things that I did in class.  One of my favorite things is the big Asian pear that I started doing some drawing on.  I think it will become a brooch.casting class results Now it’s time to let it all sink in and figure out how the pieces will fit into my work.  Taking a class is always a great use of time.   Sometimes a workshop ends up being something that doesn’t really fit with your style  but you will still learn some little thing that changes the way you work.  It may be that you learn just as much from the other students as you do from your instructor.  It’s  special time to focus on some small aspect of making and the discussions that occur among the students can give you new perspective so don’t hesitate to sign up for a workshop some time soon.  The class was such great fun and I will miss all of my new friends but I expect to see some of them again before too long!  Thanks to Mi-Sook and her assistant Audrey for such a fun class.  It was the messiest class I’ve ever taken but there was never a dull moment.

Great article in the Laurel of Asheville about …me

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Great article in the Laurel of Asheville about …me.

Great article in the Laurel of Asheville about …me

•September 10, 2013 • 3 Comments

f_flower2- on wire72dpiIn the september issue of the Laurel of Asheville I am the featured artist. It’s a really nice article so check it out. The picture of me makes me want to start saving for a face lift.

the right thing to do…

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Fabrication Workshop at Wildacres

Fabrication Workshop at Wildacres

I just finished teaching a great workshop at Wildacres and, as usual, my students were all great fun. It was a small class but they came from near (Asheville) and far (Mexico) and in between (Nashville) to improve their fabrication skills. Teaching has become a big part of my life as a metalsmith and, for the most part, it is a joy. I teach what I am best at, my own techniques, and that is a risk. Every now and then I find that a student is either making work that resembles mine a little too much or is teaching my technique in workshops of their own. Andy Cooperman is a friend and someone who I respect a great deal. Recently he wrote about the sharing of information learned in workshops. Check it out on his blog. He always has a thoughtful take on this topic and I couldn’t express it any better. Thank-you, Andy, for your insight.