Layers of metal and layers of information

This is not a beautiful picture but this is the demo piece from my last fabrication class.  The photo was taken with my phone.  It’s a good representation of what my class is about.  In this pin/pendant you will find several ways to texture, several layers of metal that are either/or cold connected or soldered, the use of past solder, proper placement of findings, and some finishing tips to create a professional look.  Of course, we also have lots of little conversations about design, as well.  It’s a lot to pack into one class but everyone always goes away with some new and useful skill.  It’s a great stepping stone to taking my Drawing on Metal class, too!fabrication demo

~ by debkarash on June 28, 2013.

6 Responses to “Layers of metal and layers of information”

  1. The work looks fantastic! Any chance you’ll visit the west coast with one of you workshops?

    • Thanks, Sandra. There is a chance that I will come to the west coast again. A couple of my students at Idyllwild were asking me to come to the LA area to do something and I may also teach something in Colorado later this year and again next summer. If you follow the blog you will be the first to know!

  2. Deb, when is your workshop in the fall at your studio. I would love to sign up for it.

    • Hi Carol! August 26-30 is the Fabrication class and Drawing on Metal is September 16-20. I will send you the particulars in an e-mail.

  3. Hi…I’d be interested in the details on these classes as well, please!

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