Teaching is so much better than I thought it would be

5/5/10 class at Arrowmont

Lot’s of laughter with the 5/5/10 class at Arrowmont

I get such great students!  At the beginning of October I taught a fabrication workshop at Arrowmont and I had such a fun group of students.  They turned out an enormous amount of really interesting work.  Almost everyone managed to make 5 projects; the class was called 5/5/10, 5 days, 5 projects, 10 techniques.  Now I have 3 of those students coming to the studio for a Drawing on Metal class November 10-13 and I just can’t wait.  I have room for 3 more students if anyone is interested.

Teaching has been a real treat, lately.  Every time someone accomplishes a new technique or finds a new way to incorporate a technique into their own work it gives me a little thrill.  The best classes are the ones where we laugh a lot because the best work is joyful work.  It’s crucial to remember that a workshop is for learning something new, and while I always make sure that my students leave with a finished piece, it’s not really the place to do your finest work.  That takes practice, and sometimes, a lot of it.  Even simple techniques require practice.  The simple act of creating a piece of work with 2 layers instead of one can be far more daunting than you might think but there are ways to make it easier and that is what workshops are for.  Workshops also provide a place to learn from fellow students and often, in my workshops, I find students making great new friends that last long after the workshop has ended.  My summer Drawing on Metal group set up a Facebook group for themselves so that they could continue to stay in touch and share projects, resources and ideas.  It’s been a real treat for me to be able to watch their progress.

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding my upcoming teaching schedule and since I can’t seem to figure out how to put this on my calendar, I’ll just note the classes here:

December 10-13, 2012   Drawing on Metal, Bakersville, NC (my studio)

November 30-December 2   Drawing on Metal, West Palm Beach, FL  (FGS)

December 3-5  Drawing on Metal, West Palm Beach, FL  (FGS)

March 2013   Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia

May 2013   Asheville, NC (tentative)

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8 Responses to “Teaching is so much better than I thought it would be”

  1. YAY! You are a natural Deb! I’ll never forget my class with you! Yes, I’m yelling.

    It’s held me in good stead. Your class I mean, not the yelling. :O)

  2. Deb, I would like more info on your Dec. 10-13 class, such as cost, accomodations, etc. I opted out of your Arrowmont class but would love to take this one or the same classs at another time. Please email me at the address below. Thanks!

  3. Hi Deb!

    I am determined to take a Drawing on Metal class from you this year and anxiously await the rest of your calendar for the year. As much as I would LOVE to go to Australia, that option is not in the cards. Has the May class been finalized or are there others that you’ve penciled in? I would like to start planning (budgeting) for the class now. Could you please let me know, via the email address below, what the class cost is and if you have any other drawing on metal classes scheduled so far? Thanks!!

  4. I would also like to be included in that May class. I’ve been waiting to see that schedule but I’ve obviously been looking in the wrong place. Please sign me up and give me deposit details. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks Deb,


    • Did you get my message that I want to attend your may class? I just need details re dates, deposit, hotels, etc. I also have a friend who may want to attend if you have room. I look forward to hearing from you!

      Standish Price

      Sent from my iPad

      • Hi Standish, I don’t have the May class scheduled, yet. I am going to be moving my studio in the spring but I don’t know when so I can’t nail down a date. I will let you know when I figure it out. – Deb

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