20/20: Jewelry by Deb Karash opens October 12!

This Friday, October 12, in celebration of American Craft Week, Flow in downtown Marshall, NC will host the opening reception for  20/20: Jewelry  by Deb Karash.  I hope to see many of you there on Friday evening but until then, here are a few of my thoughts on the exhibition.   In the mean time, I’ll be finishing up a few more pieces and will, eventually, get them loaded on the website for all of you to see.

20/20   Jewelry by Deb Karash

Cambridge dictionary decribes 20/20 vision as the ability to see perfectly.  What does it mean to see perfectly?  Of course a huge part of being an artist is the ability to visualize and apply that vision to our chosen materials.   Right now my mother is losing her vision.  It’s something that I can barely imagine because my vision is so crucial to my sense of self.  Who would I be if I could not see?   I think about this almost daily, now, and how we take for granted this amazing gift of sight.  As a teacher I am often confronted with the problem of teaching a student to see; to focus on the details of a piece, to see the difference between a graceful line and an awkward line, between finished and unfinished.  Even with 20/20 vision, we all see differently.  Seeing is more than just taking in visual information, it’s also about understanding that information and about responding to it.  (If you don’t know the alphabet you can’t pass the vision test)

20/20 addresses the concepts of both vision and perfection.  With this body of work I have had the opportunity to focus on pattern, color, and texture within a single form. I always strive for perfection but because I never achieve it I am constantly pushed on to the next piece.  There is no focal correction that will allow me to see my work as perfect because if I reached perfection I would have nothing more to strive for.  In this series I use a simple form to focus on a few key aspects of my work and I also hope to create a dialogue about vision.


~ by debkarash on October 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “20/20: Jewelry by Deb Karash opens October 12!”

  1. I love this pin. Your use of decorative rivets leaves me in awe and although I have been looking at your pieces for rivet inspiration, I end up adding pieces over the rivets since my placement detracts rather than enhances!

    Do you have a teaching schedule for the future online somewhere?

    • Thanks. At this time I have a workshop planned in my studio in November and 2 workshops near Ft. Lauderdale, FL in December. In March I will be teaching several workshops in Australia. I will probably run a couple of workshops in North Carolina in May.

  2. When will u be in ft lauderdale and where would love to see your work or class

    • Alana, I will actually be, not quite in Ft. Lauderdale, but in West Palm at the Armory Arts Center, http://www.armoryart.org, teaching two 3 day workshops from Nov 30 through December 5. I think the classes may be full but I know that they are keeping a wait list. The classes are being run by the Florida Goldsmith’s Society.

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