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Winter is over and I’m busy making work for galleries across the country but I’m also looking ahead to summer and the possibility of teaching a few workshops in my studio.  These workshops will be small (4 students or less) and focused.  They may be anywhere from one day to one week in length.  I will arrange lodging for those who need it and I’d also like to plan a couple of field trips for those who are interested.  We could go up on Roan Mountain to catch the view, into Asheville for some studio visits or to see the Biltmore Estate.  Penland is just minutes down the road and I can arrange a tour of the campus.  We can even go tubing on the Toe River.   I always think it’s good to add some inspiration along with technique.  My workshops are results oriented, meaning that you will go home with finished work.  Topics I’m considering are beginning jewelry fabrication, surface design, and 5-5-10 (five days, five projects, ten techniques), and drawing on metal (my personal technique for putting color on metal) which has never been offered before.  I’m hoping that you will let me know if you are interested in a class, what topics most interest you, and what sort of time you would like to spend.   I’m just beginning to plan and this would really help me out!  I’m looking forward to sharing my studio with all of you and showing you around this beautiful area!  My studio is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina in Bakersville, NC, just over an hour from Asheville, NC and about 2.5 hours from Knoxville, TN.

~ by debkarash on April 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi Deb,
    I would be very interested in a class with you about drawing on metal. A 1-3 day workshop would work for me.

    I’d also like to talk to you about doing a workshop for us in our Florida studio. I presently have it set up to do lamp work glass workshops but also have a fairly good selection of metal working tools such as dapping blocks, rolling mill, flex shaft, soldering torch and various small tools. Would you be interested?


  2. Hi Deb- I was excited to read your blog comment. I just love color and am always trying to figure out to incorporate it into my work. I would be very interested in hearing more about you classes. The thing I would love to learn about the most is how to use the colored pencil on the metal. I’ve done a few practice things, but haven’t really played with it too much. Can’t wait to learn more! Please keep me in the loop. ( for any classes, not just about the colored pencil)
    I do a lot of shows so it sure would be nice to see classes in the summer or before Sept, or in the Early part of the year ( Jan-Feb). (right now I am selling mainly wire work, my metal skills aren’t there quite yet.)

  3. Hello Deb,
    I am so interested in the drawing/coloring metal workshop. When is that going to be? and how can I register for it?

  4. I would absolutely love a class on using colored pencil on metal. I don’t have the funds to travel to a class, though. Have you ever conspired coming into Dallas?

  5. Yes, there are several. I have one in particular in mind but I’d rather check with her before giving out the name. I took my PMC certification class in her workshop. Let me run this by her and I’ll get back with you or let her contact you.

  6. I would be very interested in the workshop you are considering and would relish learning more about any of the topics you mentioned above, (beginning jewelry fabrication, surface design, and drawing on metal) I have only begun tapping the surface of metal-smithing, so some lessons on mastery of that and drawing on metal techniques would definitely interest me. Plus, it would be great to share ideas and techniques with other attending guests as well.

    I am in the process of planning out my summer teaching schedule. Based on what I’ve got so far, I’m thinking a 3-4 day workshop would work best. Also, could you let us know what sort of pre-requisite skills we would need to get the most out of your workshop(s)? Once you get the details ironed out I’ll be able to determine if time, work, and budget allow me to attend. I’m excited about the opportunity already. 🙂

  7. I am very interest in any workshop you offer. I am already signed up at Arrowmont for 5-5-10 for later this year. I am especially interested in the color on metal technique of yours. My family is undergoing a big move this summer. Depending on when you offer your class will determine if I can attend. Not sure what would be best. Probably a short workshop would be better for me. Thanks!

  8. I would love to take any workshop of yours. I am already signed up for 5-5-10 later this year at Arrowmont. I am especially interested in your color technique on metal. Our family has a very busy summer as we are moving from Ohio to Pennsylvania this year. So…depending when your workshop is will determine my availalability. I know July is very busy for us. Please keep us posted!

  9. Hi Deb,
    I would be very interested in taking a workshop in color technique and cold connection, both of which I admire in your work. I live just over the hill and through the woods in Black Mountain, and would be available to take a weekend/long-weekend workshop anytime this summer or early fall. My heart skipped a beat with envy 2 years ago when I learned that you were stepping in last minute for the session after mine at Penland. I would have loved the opportunity to have been in your session and would have signed up in an instant had I known in advance. Please keep me posted. Thank you!

  10. Hello Deb,

    I just ran across the information about an upcoming class. I would be very interested in taking a class with you. Please let me know if there is room left and all of the details. Thank you

  11. Deb – when we spoke last you said you had a workshop coming up, I beleive in November? I checked your workshop schedule and didn’t see it… can youu e.mail that information? I hope your workshop this past
    week went well, and you had a good assistant 🙂 fw

    • Hi Freddie, the workshop was terrific and I ended up doing it with no assistant. Fortunately my students were great and also patient. They turned out some really fun work. As for the November workshop, the only week I would be able to do one is Nov. 5-9 which is election week. Does that appeal to you?

      • Thanks, Deb… 11/05 is a little close for planning for me. Let me know whent you have your spring schedule worked out.
        I would love to come see your studio and take a workshop for a few days. A week would be good (or at least
        3-5 days) since I am coming in from out of town, obviously single days aren’t very efficient money wise ☺

        Glad your workshop worked out so good… talk to you soon.


  12. Art is my hobby and want to join this class…send me date of classes

  13. Do you still have space available for the Nov workshop? I might possibly be interested…please send me information

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