Back at the bench not a moment too soon.

clean bench, sort of

Whew!  That was an amazing vacation and one of these days I will share some inspiring images but right now there is no time to sort through pictures.  In fact, we took so many that we had to buy an external hard drive to put them on.  But now I’m back in Marshall, hard at work in my studio and catching up with friends and studio mates.  It’s such a gift to come home to a place where your absence is noticed.  Even though I haven’t been in Marshall that long it feels like home.  It’s wonderful to travel but I can only be away from work for so long before I get sort of “twitchy” and need to make something.  I wonder if other makers are that way, too.  I’m not sure if it’s based on the amount of time I’m away, or how much visual stimulation I’ve had, or maybe I just start feeling that way when I know the end of the vacation is near.  Maybe it’s a sort of reentry process in which I start thinking of work about 3 days before I get home.  Whatever the reason, it makes me glad to get back to the bench.  Spring is stressful for me because I have a lot of gallery orders to fill and tax season always makes me queasy even though I usually file an extension at the last minute and then wait until the last minute in October to do my taxes.  (There is something seriously wrong with me when it comes to paperwork.)  The other part of the stress is that my studio is a disaster.  I haven’t really been here for about 6 weeks since I was away for two shows in February and then in Europe all of March.  I wish I were one of those people who left everything in perfect order when they went away but I’m not.  I’m the opposite.  My studio is a total shit storm.  I get a little crazy when I’m leaving on a big trip and I always have a million last minute things to do so tidying up just doesn’t happen.  SO!  When I got to the studio, yesterday, I spent a chunk of time cleaning off my bench.

You may look at this picture and say, “really?” but trust me, this is as clean as this bench has been since the first week I moved here.  I kind of like it.  Maybe I’ll keep it this way.  Doubt it, but a girl can dream.  In just a few short days I’ll be shipping off new work to Appalachian Spring in the DC area and to a new gallery for me, Art on Symmes so keep an eye out in your area for new stuff.  And even though vacation is over the fun continues with a cookout at Marshall High Studios, the opening reception for “Submerging the Bathysphere” at Crimson Laurel Gallery (a super fun show), and the Potters of Madison County (our shining stars of ceramics) show in Mars Hill all happening this weekend.  I better get my butt over to that bench so I can go out and play this weekend!  Maybe I’ll see you at one of the shows this weekend?

Submerging the Bathyspere

Potters of Madison County

~ by debkarash on April 5, 2011.

One Response to “Back at the bench not a moment too soon.”

  1. Trying to get a hold of Deb about purchasing a few pieces…having troubles..please email me thanks Christine

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