I’m still here, just really busy!

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It has been a busy winter and it looks like it will stay that way until spring but that’s okay because it’s mostly good stuff.  I was snowed in at the studio for 4 or 5 days which translated to a lot of new designs for the February shows.  I hope that all of the snow storms are spent before I make the trek to Philly next week and Baltimore the week after that.  It would be a shame to make all of this new work and not get to show it to anyone.

Deb Karash Jewelry

Cynthia at the beach

I did head south for a week or so, to visit friends and family in Florida.  It was a relief to get away from the weather up here.  We had the pleasure of attending a little benefit for the Trophia Butterfly Foundation where I heard David’s brother, Sam, sing a beautiful rendition of My Way which he dedicated to their late father.  There is a lot of talent in Key West and it was great to see all of the folks who came out to raise money for the foundation. One of the singers that night was Cynthia who is pictured here modeling some of my new work.  Not only is she beautiful, but has an amazing voice.

You may be aware of Flow, the shop that we (8 creative women) have opened in Marshall.  It keeps me busy.  This past Saturday we had a lovely event with champagne and hand crafted chocolates and lots of other goodies.  Folks stopped in to visit and fill out the “Sweetheart Registry” so their sweethearts will know their hearts desire for Valentines day.  The big news is that Flow is expanding!  Later this week we will be doubling our space so if you happen to be in the area, be sure to stop in.

I hope to see some of you at the American Craft Show in Baltimore, February 24 through 27.  There is always an amazing array of talent from all across the country.  I will be in booth #520.

deb karash jewelry

new colors


deb karash jewelry

new work






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  1. Beautiful! Have a prosperous season!

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