Black and White

Recently I was driving past a field of grazing black and white cows and found them visually stunning. They were just cows, in an ordinary field and yet the sight really caught my attention.  It got me thinking a lot about black and white, literally and figuratively.  I’ve been drawn to black and white in a visual sense for as long as I can remember.   I still recall a black jumper and white blouse that my mom used to loan me when I was in high school and I still favor black clothing.  I love black and white as a balance to color in my work, too.  Black and white photos are almost always more dramatic than color and a black and white room is a classic beauty.  So why is it that black and white works so well in the visual world but not so much in life.  There is hardly ever a perfect answer, a black and white division.  Life is lived in gradient, or, if we’re lucky, in vibrant color and that means that there are shades of right and wrong, best and worst, good and bad.  It’s complicated, and interesting, and confusing.   Lucky for me I have my studio to go to where, while the decisions are still complicated and confusing, I can still have black and white when I want it because in the studio the decisions are all mine.

~ by debkarash on December 4, 2010.

One Response to “Black and White”

  1. Well said. Your use of black and white (silver and patina is like black and white to me) is what drew me to your work in the first place and then the colors you added dazzled me. While cleaning and organizing my work area, I just found the back issue of Art Jewelry Magazine with your red brooch “Sunset Spiral” on the cover and that red looks pretty good too. Studio is the sanctuary where things can work themselves out. Everything seems safer there. You always know at the least what is beautiful to you.

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