Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show

This week I’m in Atlanta which is always fun but especially nice this fall because the leaves are still pretty here and we all know how much I like colorful leaves.  I gave a lecture at the Spruill Center for the Arts last night and it went quite well,especially if you consider how lousy I was in high school speech class.  I hadn’t ever had to talk for quite so long about me, my journey to studio jewelry, and my work so I was understandably nervous.  I was thankful that  it was a small and attentive group with a good sense of humor.  It was really a good exercise for me because because it let me take a closer look at the changes I’ve made along the way.  I didn’t learn jewelry making with the intent of making it my career.  I always thought it would be a really expensive hobby.  Lucky for me I was wrong.  So, with the whole “making a living thing” in mind, I’m doing the Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show in Atlanta this Friday and Saturday at the DeFoor Centre.  It’s small gathering of some pretty fabulous jewelers and I’m quite proud to be among them.  Here are some pics of some new pieces that I will have at the show.  Come by and check them out.  The DeFoor Centre is easy to get to, has free parking, and a nice little restaurant.

~ by debkarash on November 4, 2010.

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