Relax, kick back, and have some fun. We all need to refuel.

It seems like the summer is slipping away and I have spent most of it working.  The good news is that I love my work and now that Flow is up and running there should be a bit of a breather.  This week I’m in Florida catching up with old friends.   It feels like such a luxury to take a few days off to refuel and I’m wondering why that is.  Is it my midwestern work ethic?  Is it a constant fear of poverty?  There is certainly not much financial security in being a full time artist.  But then, who really has any security these days.  Maybe I’m just so

Flow, open for business!

content with my every day home and studio life that I don’t crave a break.  After all, Marshall, NC is beautiful.  Other people come here for vacation.

I admire my peers who manage to take time off and venture out into the world for nothing more than, or perhaps less than, pleasure.  The pure pursuit of joy tends to elude me most of the year.  I take my winter vacation and always make the most of it but it seems that sprinkling a bit of that joy throughout the year would be of some benefit.  I wonder if my work would be better if I were more relaxed.  I don’t feel as though I am without inspiration but perhaps with a bit more travel I would see things that would rock my world and take my creative work to the next level.  How do you refuel?  Where do you find your inspiration?  Is a 60 hour work week too much or not enough?  While you all ponder these questions…..I’m going to take a dip in the pool.

a bit of inspiration that I'm considering for my next piece

~ by debkarash on July 12, 2010.

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