Coming Attractions – Penland class and Flow, handmade adornment for body and home

Emily Reason's book. We've got some serious talent here at Flow.

Emily Reason mugs, available at Flow. Wouldn't your morning coffee ritual be better with a mug like this?

This month is just packed full of excitement.  This Friday, July 9, is another French Broad Friday and we are opening Flow,handmade adornment for body and home.  If you happen to be in the Marshall area you really should come out on Friday night.  Flow is an artist’s collective and we are busy creating a beautiful space to shop for clothing, jewelry, ceramics, body products, furniture, 2D and 3D artwork, and other lovely things.  Of course, my work will be there, too.  I’m so excited about this project.  Going forward I will definitely keep you updated with pictures of work and of the shop.  It’s a very grass roots sort of endeavor so it will be evolving over time.  I’m finding that even though I feel overworked already, Flow has revived my spirit.  I think that when you get the right group of creative people together who have a similar vision and goal you can make something happen and it seems more like play than work.  I hope that the feeling remains as we move forward in this exciting venture.  In the meantime, check out the blog of one of my Flow pals, Selinde Lanier.  There is bit about Flow and other lovely tidbits.

The other big thing happening this month is that I’m teaching a class at Penland.  It starts on July 25 and it is called  “The Power of Limits.”   There are still a few spaces left in the class.  I know the title sounds a little rigid but we are going to have great fun.  We will be looking to nature to inspire our designs so that gives us a great excuse to get out in the beautiful North Carolina countryside and hang out in nature.  We will be using some different materials that will help free up your design mojo.  This class is less technical and more about design.  Working alone in our studios it is so easy to get in a particular track and just stay there.  This class will help you jump the track.  It is a gorgeous time in the mountains and if you’ve never been to Penland you really owe it to yourself to take a class there.  More inspiration than you can possibly take in,  great food,  fun events, interesting people….really, what’s not to love.

Me teaching a spring class at Penland a few years ago, it was chilly that day.

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