A word or two about gallery websites

These days it seems like a gallery, or any retail venue, should have a website.  If I am visiting a new town I go to the web to see if there are any good galleries in the area.  If I am looking for a particular artist I go to the web to find out where I can see their work.  Even if you don’t like buying things from websites it is still the best way to see what a gallery has and where they are located.  I spent part of the evening adding links to my list of galleries so that you can go from the gallery page right to the gallery website.   I was shocked to see that some galleries have no website at all, some have nothing more than a home page, and some are really not very attractive.  I won’t name names but I do think that these galleries need to invest a little energy into their web presence.   In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that my boyfriend is co-owner of Crimson Laurel Gallery.  That said, I think that they have one of the nicest websites that I have seen.  It’s good looking, has the same warm character that the actual gallery has, and it functions beautifully.  They are diligent about putting all of their exhibitions online.  This is really great for collectors who may not live in the area.  Obsidian also has a nice site, as does Grovewood.  Allie-Coosh’s website is also really beautiful and I love the way it functions.  It’s as elegant as the shop, itself.  Of course there are many other great sites, as well.  I like a site that is simple to use, beautiful to look at and comprehensive.  I think it’s worth the investment of time and money because you don’t always know how folks have made their way into your gallery.  Often, it’s by way of a Google search.  I’d like to know what gallery sites the rest of you appreciate.  Send me a link to your favorites.

~ by debkarash on July 1, 2010.

One Response to “A word or two about gallery websites”

  1. I completely agree with you about this. And I think that it doesn’t just apply to galleries either. One thing that I also don’t like about certain gallery websites is when there aren’t any photos with the artists’ work unless you click through their name. I’m interested in what the work looks like, not the name of the artist. The more clicks it takes for people to find things, the less likely they are to stay on your site.

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