Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretend that the craft movement is our political party and the election is coming up during American Craft Week, October 1-10.  We need to campaign for Craft like we campaigned for Obama.   What can you do?  Well, you could call your galleries and ask what they are doing for American Craft Week.  You can have an event in your studio designed to educate the public, maybe something hands on so they can see that this stuff doesn’t just happen by itself.  Call the newspaper and see how they will be covering craft week and perhaps send along some images of your work.  My personal quest is a lofty goal but I feel that if we were to join forces, we could make it happen.  I want to get the local television news to include a minute or two about art and craft every night, just like they do for sports.  I can’t really see a down side to this.  If the average television watching public were to see art and craft in their living room every night in the same way that they see sports and weather and the rest of the news, pretty soon it wouldn’t seem like this unapproachable concept.  It would be as common as basketball.  Think about it, soccer hasn’t been popular for all that long but now everyone is aware of it.  Why?  Because they saw it on television.   So take five minutes out of your day and call a couple of news directors and ask them to cover the arts.  Tell them about American Craft Week, and maybe offer to help them locate some interesting stories.  It’s doable.  After all, nobody thought we’d have anything other than an old white guy in white house any time soon and look how that turned out.  It’s the power of the masses getting motivated.  Times are tough and we need people to understand the value of craft on both a personal level and a societal level.  Are you with me?  Let me know if you are planning something for American Craft Week and definitely let me know if you get in touch with the media.  Here are just a couple of handmade things that I enjoy using….

Lindsay Rogers Pottery

Susan Neal Weaving

~ by debkarash on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Let’s Pretend”

  1. I’m “with you” sister! Keep up the good work and remember…take small steps to accomplish big things!

  2. Florida is lucky enough to have Florida Craftsmen, a statewide non-profit promoting fine crafts (and lucky enough to have Wendy Rosen on our Board). We are working on doing more to promote our artists and I would love to talk with you sometime about American Craft Week. By the way, as a jewelry student, I fell in love with your work and was thrilled to see it in person on a recent visit to Penland!

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