Spread the word, hand made is where it’s at.

I had an interesting conversation, yesterday, about why people buy mass-produced jewelry instead of handmade.  The person with whom I had this conversation said that she just assumed that she could not afford hand-made work.  I’ve long thought that, as artists, we need to educate the public about the value of buying hand crafted things.  You can go out and buy a lot of cheap, mass-produced jewelry that is just like what everyone else has, or you can buy one or two really beautiful things that are made by someone you know.  In my opinion, jewelry should be the means by which you express your uniqueness.  It can take fashion to a whole other place.  Jewelry can take a basic outfit and personalize it, dress it up or down.  I also think that the purchase of hand-made objects has a broader effect of supporting the arts, making it possible for artists to exist outside the corporate world.  It’s the ultimate in shopping local.  Fine craft is for everyone and I want to help spread the word.  I think that the craft organizations that we all belong to should also be spreading the word.  My dream is to see the ACC, SNAG, NCECA, Furniture Society, whatever the glass and fiber groups are, and maybe the craft magazines and SOFA get together and do a major ad campaign to promote the purchase of fine craft through magazine ads or television spots or even billboards.  And when I say magazine ads, I mean the mainstream mags, not the craft mags.  We have all been advertising to each other for years.  We need to break out into the non-craft world and show ’em  what we got!  And maybe, let them know that while some of our work is costly, and totally worth it, some of our work is truly affordable.  I want to spread the joy of using hand-made things in my daily life.  Almost everyone has their favorite mug (like this Brooke Noble mug from Crimson Laurel Gallery )but we need to tell everyone how much better it is when that mug is made by hand, possibly by someone you’ve met.

Brooke Noble mug available at http://www.CrimsonLaurelGallery.com

Brooke Noble mug- available at http://www.CrimsonLaurelGallery.com

And just to jump on the latest fad, buying hand-made is usually “green,”   since most artists are quite conscious of their impact on the environment.  For an example of this, you might check out the work of Todd Reed at www.ToddReed.com.  Todd is extremely concerned with the source of his diamonds.  He is also mindful of the work environment that he creates in his studio and is interested in the overall well being of his employees.  These things matter as we try to make the world a gentler place.  Artists do more than just make things, we make things better.  SPREAD THE WORD!!!

http://seedandsew.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/picture-5.png?w=510&h=279– and enjoy this Todd Reed pin, a circle of absolute gorgeousness, raw and antique diamonds

~ by debkarash on June 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Spread the word, hand made is where it’s at.”

  1. Deb – It seems we’re all tuning into the Slow Craft movement, which encompasses everything you’re talking about here. Check out this website:

      1. Wow, Selende, it is so rare for me to be part of a movement. But then, I guess for most of us who are makers it’s not a movement, it’s a lifestyle that we have all practiced for a lifetime. The difference seems to be that now people are writing about it. Power of the press…changes our perceptions.
  2. Love the idea of spreading the word through mainstream media. So, what are some next steps to make it happen? Ask crafters to donate to a fund to raise money for an ad campaign? Talk to fine craft media ask them to collaborate on a mainstream ad? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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