A little publicity…in Art Jewelry magazine

If you happen to get Art Jewelry magazine check out page 48 of the latest issue. You will see my work along with that of Helen Shirk and Marilyn da Silva. I have to say that it still gives me a huge thrill to be considered worthy of even being mentioned along with the two of them, let alone published on the same page. Helen’s earlier work inspired me to try colored pencil and I once saw a teapot that Marilyn made that was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. They are both rock stars of the metalsmithing world as far as I’m concerned. I still remember the day that I came home to find a message from Marilyn on my answering machine (you know, before cell phones were everywhere) and I was just beside myself (where does that phrase come from?) with excitement. Just the fact that I was even on her radar was thrilling but it got even better…she wanted to put my work in a book. Well, needless to say, I said yes. Really, who would say no? Anyway, we each have our own way of using colored pencil on metal so check out the mag and check out their work. You’ll be glad you did….

~ by debkarash on June 2, 2010.

One Response to “A little publicity…in Art Jewelry magazine”

  1. You are all talented women, I too aspire to share a page with you someday.

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