Final chapter in my first collaboration with Lisa Clague!

Well, boys and girls, last week was quite eventful. I finished up the construction of the collaborative brooch that I’ve been working on with Lisa Clague. Can I just say that this woman can really draw. And if you haven’t checked out her sculpture, well, you are really missing out on something amazing. Of course, life is more than just crazy fun collaborative stuff. I also sent out new work to Muses Window in Concord, MA and Heartwood in Saluda, NC. I also got a great haircut from my pal Kim Oberhammer sitting on her porch looking over her lovely garden in progress. While this may seem like a trivial event to some of you, to me it is a gift from the universe. My projects for this week are to design some new work, try to learn to use the new camera (any tips on photographing jewelry with a Canon Rebel would be gratefully accepted), and spend some time planning my class at Penland (more on this at a later date, or maybe later today, who knows) so I had better get myself off the couch (thank-you for laptops!) and go do something. Enjoy the pic of the collaborative piece.

Party of Three

~ by debkarash on June 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Final chapter in my first collaboration with Lisa Clague!”

  1. That is beautiful!!! Both of you are well represented.

    • Fantastic! Photo’s pretty damn good. Love the look of your blog – sweet.

      • Thanks, Ben. That was just a snapshot with my point and shoot. Dane set up the blog for me using the graphics that Marisa Falcigno did for me. I’m pretty pleased with it. We miss you!

  2. I am the proud owner of “Party of Three.” I enjoy wearing it and I hope to create a wall unit to display it with my other art. Thank you both.

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