My other home, Marshall, NC

A few years ago I left Illinois where I had lived for over, well, let’s just say many years. I liked Rockford, still do, but it seemed like a girl ought to live somewhere else at some point in life and that point finally came. So I packed up home and studio and moved to the mountains of North Carolina. I chose Marshall because there was the opportunity to have something I have always wanted, a big studio with big windows near the water. Well, since my studio is on an island in the middle of the French Broad River (small island, 3 buildings) I’m surrounded by water. The view is lovely. And just about as fast as I fell in love with this studio, I also fell in love with Marshall. Downtown is very small, just a few blocks long and only one street wide and when I moved here it was dry, in every sense of the word. We were in the midst of a drought and you couldn’t buy liquor here. I’m happy to say that the drought ended and you can now get beer and wine in Marshall. I’m not sure which of those changes makes me happier. It didn’t take long for me to feel at home here in Marshall. It’s the kind of place where you can walk into the coffee shop or the bank or the post office and folks know your name. It’s full of fabulously creative people, many of whom work right here in Marshall High Studios. The studios are in a renovated high school and you can still take a class here if you like. Emily Reason teaches pottery and just wrote a book. Francesco Lombardo and Dan Helgamo teach drawing and painting, in fact, Francesco has an awesome one day workshop coming up, soon. If that doesn’t excite you there are also Nia and Yoga classes at Neighborhood Studios, just down the hall from me and Katie Keyes is getting ready to rock some aromatherapy classes. Mark Hanf can teach you all about sacred geometry, so much cooler that high school geometry. One of these days I’m even going to do a little teaching in my own studio, really, I promise. So if I have stirred your curiosity about Marshall, check out this video. You will even see me and my fab but slightly messy studio, and come to Marshall High Studios and take a class. UNC TV Video – Downtown Marshall NC.

By the way, French Broad Fridays begin again on June 11. It’s Mermaids in Marshall and you won’t want to miss the Mermaid Parade……….Check for details. See you there, but you may not recognize me once I transform into a Mermaid.

~ by debkarash on May 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “My other home, Marshall, NC”

  1. What a wonderful place! That video alone should entice artists to move there…

  2. I just moved to Marshall from New York – my boyfriend is a potter from Chicago – we love it! living in an old tobacco barn, just a skip away from a good beer and a good show but surrounded by fields and pasture. beautiful. I’m trying to find yoga classes in town but am having some difficulties – you say there are classes at marshall high studios?

    • Welcome! Yes, there are movement classes at Marshall High Studios. There are both Yoga and Nia and probably some other options as well. I’m in town working at our co-op (Flow) a couple of days each month so I hope to meet you some time. You should also come up to Bakersville, NC to Crimson Laurel Gallery some time. It is one of the finest ceramic galleries in the country.

  3. Deb, Traveling as hostage, I will be on holiday extravaganza mid December, that does include a stop at the Marshall High Studio. I was wondering if you would be there in Dec. on the 19th or 20th. I have had an interest in the school, since my MIL attended there as a teen. Please send any replay to me at work, as I never ck my personal email. šŸ™‚

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